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Warren Doyle
(the hiker)

34,000-miler; 16 traverses of the entire AT
AT Circle Expedition leader/organizer (1974-2010)

Some say the Appalachian Trail and Warren Doyle have become synonymous due to the passion/commitment that Warren has had for the trail for the last 37 years based on the following facts:
  1. He has traversed, by foot, the entire Appalachian Trail sixteen (16) times –more than any other person. (nine thru-hikes; seven section hikes).
  2. Over a 35-year era, he has organized/led eight groups of people up the entire trail with phenomenal completion results - 7 out of these 8 non-commercial groups have had 100% completion rates.
  3. He is the founder (1982), and was the first coordinator, honorary life member, of ALDHA – the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association.
  4. Dr. Doyle created and is the director of the Appalachian Trail Institute. This four night/five day thru-hiking planning/preparation session has, for over 20 years, helped a few hundred people fulfill their thru-hiking dreams.
  5. He has been an engaging, innovative, and artistic college educator for three decades and is a charter member of the Wilderness Education Association.
  6. Dr. Doyle has been featured in such publications as Backpacker; Sports Illustrated and Appalachia along with being mentioned in numerous articles/ books and appearances in several trail videos.
  7. He has been called a ‘living legend’, the ‘Yoda’ and ‘Abbie Hoffman’ of the trail, compared to both Jimi Hendrix and Ethan Allen, and also has been called a plethora of bad names from a small, but vocal, group of cyberbullies.
  8. He recently was selected as the 2009 Outdoors Person of the Year by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.

Dr. Doyle is known for being a dynamic, opinionated but knowledgeable, unapologetic but caring social change educator who is devoted to helping people fulfill their long-distance hiking goals.

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Last modified January 13, 2011