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Glencliff, NH to Gorham, NH (the White Mts.)

M 8/8 Glencliff, NH to Kinsman Notch 9.5 miles
T 8/9 Kinsman Notch to Franconia Notch 16.3 miles
W 8/10 Franconia Notch to Gale River trailhead 16.4 miles or Galehead Hut 13.0 miles
R 8/11 Gail River trailhead or Galehead Hut to Crawford Notch 19.3 miles or 14.7 miles
F 8/12 Crawford Notch to Mt Washington 12.5 miles or Lakes of the Clouds Hut 11.5 miles
S 8/13 Mt. Washington or Lakes of the Clouds Hut to Pinkham Notch 13.5 miles or 14.9 miles
Su 8/14 Pinkham Notch to Zeta Pass trailhead 12.3 miles or Carter Notch Hut 5.9 miles
M 8/15 Zeta Pass trailhead or Carter Notch Hut to Hogan Rd. (Gorham, NH) 17.7 miles or 16.5 miles

Earlier Event: April 5
Later Event: August 16
Gorham, NH to Rangeley, ME